About the Artist

PortraitbyKat1-forwebI create images mostly by digitally altering photography. My focus is on color, light and texture. Sometimes I go for an impressionist style, sometimes abstract expressionist, sometimes whatever suits that image. I work with photos that are shot on the fly with an iPhone to safari shots taken with a high end Nikon. I see something in the shot and go where it takes me using image editing software and dozens of iPad apps.  I then print them as fine art prints on an archival printer. My philosophy is creating something from nothing.

The work you see on these pages consists of both my own original images and custom images. These custom images I create for clients of their vacations, family, pets or other special events. Almost any photos from ones life can be made into a piece of original artwork. Everyone  takes photos of their special occasions. But not all those photos are of a quality to display. What I do is to make those special moments an aesthetic part of ones home. You can see some of them in my gallery on the before/after page.

Phyllis Shenny is a graduate of Parson’s School of Design with a BFA in communications design.
Before becoming a fine artist she was an award winning art director/graphic designer with her own design studio.